Judo for Self Protection

I believe one of the primary lessons in life is that of protection. It is important to know how to protect and defend yourself. This starts with forming a strong focus of self worth. When you acknowledge your self worth, you believe you are worth protecting and have the confidence, and even the arrogance to defend yourself.

judo for self protection

Knowing how to protect yourself is important. Do you know how to physically defend yourself from danger? Do you know the basics of self defense? If not, why not? Do you know how to verbally assert yourself if someone is bullying you or pushing you into a corner? Do you know how to protect your spirit and your psyche? Investing time in a practice like Judo will help you answer ‘Yes’ to these questions.

I myself have studied and competed in Judo for over 20 years. During this time I became an Australian representative en-route to qualify for the Rio Olympics. Through this tenacious goal, I travelled the world in search of the best in the sport – whether it be in search of bettering my own Judo techniques from world class coaches; to developing my fighting spirit by competing in the world’s top competitions.

Through this study of Judo and my experiences to date, I am on a mission to teach what I have learned. I have acquired abilities in self-protection that can benefit others on how to protect themselves.

Judo Matsu in St Peters, Sydney highlights all lessons relating to strength, both inner and outer. Judo reminds us that we are strong not only when we protect and defend ourselves, but also when we show the courage to face our own emotions and to share them with others in our community.