What is Judo

Judo is a Japanese Martial Art/Sport, which translated simply, means “the gentle way”. The strength of Judo is in flexibility, timing and control, rather than using excessive muscular force.

Judo provides a great physical and mental workout by taking away all dangerous movements, and focusing on improving your balance, coordination, timing and confidence. Through the implementation of safe throwing techniques, pins, arm locks, and chokes; one is able to develop both physical prowess and great mental discipline on and off the mat.

At Judo Matsu, we follow the principle that “softness controls hardness”. This concept has many meanings to us, but one example is “Water, the softest of all things, can eventually erode even the hardest of objects”. Judo teaches the proper and flexible application of technique appropriate to any changing situation. With this approach, a smaller or weaker person can defeat a bigger or stronger opponent.


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