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Oren Janiv is the founder and Head Coach of Judo Matsu. He has studied and competed in Judo for over 20 years. He is a former Australian National Judo Team Member, holds a 3rd degree judo black belt and is a qualified High School PE teacher and Fitness Specialist.

Oren, being a national team member for over three years, has travelled the world in search of the best in the sport – whether it be in search of bettering his own Judo techniques from world class coaches; to developing his fighting spirit by competing in the world’s top competitions.

He draws from his previous experience training and competing internationally (including extended studies in Germany, Brazil and Japan) to shape the Judo Matsu curriculum. This creates a unique teaching system and style of judo which is designed to be adaptable to each individual’s capabilities and level of athletic experience.

“Judo has provided me with some incredible experiences to date, I feel very grateful to have experienced Judo at its finest, it’s definitely helped me become the person I am today and form a true love and appreciation for the art”.

Oren is also a passionate and experienced teacher, and has been coaching kids and adults Judo for many years. He holds a Bachelor of Education in Health & Physical Education, alongside a Diploma of Fitness. Oren has worked as a High School Teacher and Personal Trainer where he leverages his knowledge and experience to help his students rediscover motivation, a strong work ethic, and a healthy lifestyle.

Alongside this, Oren also offers specialised personal training services which integrate closely with other martial-art fighting styles. This can be arranged individually with Oren, and supplements the judo movements and principles taught during group classes.

Oren looks forward to welcoming you to the Club!

Oren’s formal qualifications include:

  • Sandan (3rd Dan Black Belt in judo)
  • Bachelor of Education (Health and Physical Education)
  • Diploma of Fitness (Fitness Specialist)
  • Judo Australia Certified Coach
  • Current NSW Senior Team State Coach
judo matsu st peters dojo coach guillaime


Coach Guillaume holds a 1st degree black belt. 

Guillaume brings a wealth of knowledge having started Judo in France 20 years ago.

When Guillaume started Judo in 2002 he also was training in traditional Jujitsu. He practised the two arts until he moved to Australia in 2016.

Guillaume recalls, “I remember that I loved Judo after my first session. From then on I never stopped practising or thinking about Judo. For me it’s a passion that has never left.”

“Judo is an Art, a Martial Art that can push you to get better – both physically and mentally, providing not just discipline and self control but also a physicality to create a strong body and powerful throws. Above all, Judo is also about socialising and interacting with people that share the same interests and goals. Performing Judo alone is difficult, so you need a partner and a group to grow with.

In our Judo Matsu sessions we provide a space to release the stresses of the day by having fun wrestling with your judo mates. Our classes provide a wide-range of different judo techniques – from traditional techniques to competition, to cater for every level and person. We also teach Judo history and how to be a referee during a competition.”

Guillaume found Judo Matsu through an internet search, attended his first session and liked the club straight away.

“It was because we are learning Judo and having fun at the same time, which is important to me.

When I work with you in Judo, I will help you grow your Judo background and techniques . We will work on your physical and mental strength, but most of all have fun along the way.”

We hope to see you soon at Judo Matsu!

Guillaume’s formal qualifications include:

  • Shodan (1st Dan Black Belt in Judo)
  • 20 Years Judo experience
  • Judo Australia Certified Coach
judo matsu st peters dojo-coach yvonne


Yvonne Janiv holds a 1st degree black belt in Judo, is the current state coach of the Judo NSW Junior Team and is an Australian National silver medallist. She holds a broad range of martial arts experience, having also competed in boxing and Mixed Martial Arts competitions.

With additional skills in kickboxing and certifications as a Personal Trainer; Yvonne focuses on methods to empower women at every age. Practically, this includes teaching martial arts and instilling everyday good habits, in order to help each individual build a strong body alongside a strong mind. 

Yvonne is available to coach private lessons by request. Her specialisations include personal training (strength training, calisthenics and/or weight loss), kickboxing/striking and judo.

Yvonne’s formal qualifications include:

  • Shodan (1st Dan Black Belt in Judo)
  • Certificate III & IV in Fitness 
  • Judo Coach
  • Judo Australia Certified Coach
  • Current NSW Junior Team State Coach
judo coach freddie


Freddie started judo when he was 8 years old at school in England. He entered numerous inter-school competitions winning a few medals – “I loved the throws and being thrown”.

Freddie then moved to London and joined a famous club called Budokai – famous for producing many UK champions including, Neil Adams.

During his work in the hotel industry his training was put on hold as classes were only held in the evenings. He then moved to Australia, got married and had children, so again Freddie’s judo training took a backseat. Then just as he was able and wanting to recommit to training in Australia, Freddie unfortunately injured his knee, so again his judo practice was put on hold.

In 2000, when Freddie joined UNSW Judo Club he was gradually able to be more consistent with training and improve his judo – “I started to want to explore more traditional judo i.e. using your opponents’ strength against them and not trying to overpower them”. He was then introduced to Oren Janiv, around 10 years ago, and began one-on-one training together. The two of them got excited (thanks to the wonders of Youtube!) about rediscovering old French judo masters, who taught old-style judo – “we loved experimenting and seeing how a particular technique could be adapted and refined”.

Since starting judo, 50 years later, Freddie is still making discoveries and now loves teaching it and passing on these discoveries to new generations.

“As well as physical fitness, Judo has also been instrumental in my mental fitness. Many times I have experienced lows in my life and then I try to go through a particular throw in my head, that somehow grounds me and I soon feel better”.

judo matsu st peters dojo group photo after grading