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At Judo Matsu, our passion for the art of judo and teaching our students the universal lessons of respect, courage, and discipline is at the heart of every class.

We believe in all of our students judo journey, whether it be in their own expression of techniques; building upon their commitment within the competitive arena; or developing their strengths in the mental and physical tests judo can throw their way.

Judo Matsu is a registered club with the Judo Federation of Australia, and with regular training and practice our students have the opportunity to be graded under the National governing body. This allows our students to start the road from beginner to black belt, and any where in between.

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All of our classes encompass elements of the following:


Judo allows you to work on all aspects of fitness. In the Dojo, you can be creative and learn new skills whilst benefiting from building a strong, healthy mind and body. ‘Randori’ (practice fighting) will quickly test your fitness, and help you find your strengths and opportunities for improvement, to be proficient at the art.


Judo is a highly effective way of defending oneself. Throwing and grappling techniques learnt in judo can be the answer to removing oneself from a threatening, physical situation. The regular practice of judo teaches you to be able to think through this process and respond fast and accurately.


Judo is an Olympic sport, and is continuously growing with new innovative techniques and styles, inspired by its international cultural diversity.

Judo Matsu takes pride in being a international club striving to stay up-to-date with the world of Judo. Our club is dedicated towards the preparation and development of students for competition on a national and international level. Our coaches are always looking for inspiration to make classical techniques more effective, and we encourage our students to feel comfortable and confident to do the same.


Judo is a martial art which translates to “The Gentle Way”. It teaches the application of complex techniques and movements, emphasising the execution of movements through feeling.  Judo is suitable for people of all ages and levels, and with regular practice will provide an experience to last a lifetime.

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