Christmas / New Year Closure Dates 2023

The Club will be closed from the following dates. Adults  Friday, December 22nd 2023  – Monday, January 15th 2024 Kids / Youth Friday, December 22nd 2023 – Tuesday, January 30th 2024 We hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We look forward to seeing you in 2024! Please email us if you...
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How to Watch Judo (to make your game plan more effective)

Whether you’re preparing for a competition, or have a friendly rivalry with your teammate during randori, learning how to “watch” and ” read” judo is an essential skill in order to enjoy the sport and solve the puzzle of how to score ippon. The best (and most interesting) way to practice “reading” a judo fight...
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Using Judo to Upgrade your Daily Life

Once you’ve signed up to train in judo, you are investing time, energy and money. So how do you get the most benefit out of your time on the tatami as possible? Having trained in the sport for 16 years, I believe anyone regardless of age or skill level, can utilise the time spent learning...
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When Judo Saved Me from Plastic Surgery

Picture this – you’re running. The street is next to you, The Weeknd is pumping in your ears. Then your right earbud starts falling out (those damn earbuds). Reaching up with your left hand, you catch it and push it back into place. There’s about 0.5 of a second as your arm crosses your face,...
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Judo for Self Protection part 2: Mothers, Daughters, Sisters and Friends

Judo is one of the most effective forms of self-defence, specifically for women. Let’s take the worst case scenario. In most cases, a predatory man who attacks a woman on the street will grab her. At that proximity, striking-based martial arts lose their effectiveness (they require distance and freedom of movement to kick or punch...
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Judo for Self Protection

I believe one of the primary lessons in life is that of protection. It is important to know how to protect and defend yourself. This starts with forming a strong focus of self worth. When you acknowledge your self worth, you believe you are worth protecting and have the confidence, and even the arrogance to...
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Judo Matsu ACT International Open

First Quarter Competition Results 2020

Judo Matsu has had a great start to the year in the competitive landscape. The Club was involved in three major competitions, including the Annual Kosen Judo Tournament, the ACT International Open; and last weekend’s, NSW International Open. The Kosen Judo Tournament – a team-based competition without weight classes and time limit on the ground....
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The benefits of Judo and Play Fighting

We have an odd relationship with fighting and physical contact. We remove ourselves from it, leaving it to the men and women in the UFC. What we need to understand is that there is such a thing as playful conflict or ‘Roughhousing’. Many of us have forgotten how to play fight or wrestle, grapple or...
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Judo and the ego

The egoic mind or ego is a protection mechanism that works based on experiences or situations that have occurred in the past, and also the concern of things happening in the future. Understanding this our ego is not focused on the present or the now. Therefore we are unaware and uninvolved in the experience at...
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