Our Philosophy

We pride ourselves on being a family orientated club modelling important values such as: respect, courtesy and courage whilst having fun learning the art of Judo.

Judo Matsu is a place of learning that offers students in every session, a chance to experience new feelings, thoughts, movements and skills in a controlled environment. These experiences allow for our members to have the tools necessary to help grow as a group; as well as, themselves in reaching their own personal goals. We believe that competition and personal achievement within oneself is more important than against someone else.

At Judo Matsu, we tailor each and every session to push you just a little bit out of your comfort zone, both physically and mentally, so that you’re always growing.

Judo is a compass to develop your full potential. Learning its techniques and discipline provides more than just the knowledge of a martial art style. It is a way of life that will continue to provide enjoyment and challenges for a lifetime.

judo matsu st peters dojo student practicing throw on safety mat